Matthew 6:27

Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? NIV

I can’t.  The hours of my life are WAY beyond my control.

I actually like the way the Message, or even the King James version, translates this verse a little better.  King James asks, who, by worrying, “can add one cubit to his stature?”  I think that the point of this verse is that worry is pointless.  Some things — how tall I am — are clearly outside my realm of responsibility.  And yet, I find that I can worry about things that, just like my height, I cannot change.  So, why do it?

Rather than worrying, my time is much better spent getting to know God through prayer and studying His word; and in being His hands and His feet here on earth.  Worry is a distraction from those things.  And, it does absolutely no good.  Years ago, a good friend gave me a wonderful visual image.  She said that worry is like a rocking chair.  I can put a lot of effort into rocking back and forth, but, I don’t go anywhere or accomplish anything.

Today, I want to think about getting out of that chair.


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2 responses to “Matthew 6:27

  1. Todd

    I like the rocking chair analogy. When I read the NIV verse, I realized that worry can actually produce the opposite effect. The stress and effects of worry take a physical toll that may actually shorten my life. Also, the hours I spend worrying are hours lost, hours that I could have spent in other happier pursuits.

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