Genesis 26:24

That night the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am the God of your father Abraham.  Do not be afraid, for I am with you;  I will bless you and will increase the number of your descendants for the sake of my servant Abraham.” NIV

God is talking to Isaac, son of Abraham.  He had a lot to worry about.  Abimelech, king of the Philistines, had kicked Isaac and his family out of the place where they were living.  Isaac had been blessed by God in that place.  Even during a famine, God had allowed him to grow food and to make money there.

But now, he’s had to move back to the Valley of Gerar, and all of the wells that his dad had dug there have been clogged up by the Philistines out of spite.  As Isaac and his team dig out the wells, various groups of people show up to claim the water sources … that would have to be pretty upsetting.

Isaac had been told by God that his descendants would outnumber the stars in heaven, that God would bless him.  But now, here he is unable to get uncontested water rights for his family and his animals, and, to top it off, his oldest son marries two women that Isaac and his wife think are unsuitable.

But God says not to worry, why?  Because, God says, “I am with you.”

There is no place that I can go, no circumstance that I can find myself in, that God is not with me.  That’s pretty powerful.

I will ponder that today.

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  1. Susan

    Living where I do, I have a first-hand knowledge of how vital wells are. When they dry up, the people have to walk miles and miles to find water. It’s a deep harship on them. It just helps me understand even more personally how God would need to say “Fear not” in this situation.

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