It will wear you down

Isaiah 31:9a

Their stronghold will fall because of terror; at sight of the battle standard their commanders will panic.  NIV

Here’s another reason not to worry … eventually, it will wear you down.

The Message translates this, “Terrorized, that rock solid people will fall to pieces, their leaders scatter hysterically.” MSG

When I think about those “rock solid people” falling to pieces, the image that comes to mind is the Grand Canyon.  I am amazed at its size and scope.  My understanding is that it was once fairly flat rock, but, over time, the Colorado River wore it down until it is what we see today.  It was all caused by water.  Surely, a little bit of water must have, at one point, seemed harmless.  Not so.  The effects on the rock were devastating.

Worry is like that.  I might think that I can afford to do it every so often, but, really, that’s not true.

Worry will have an effect. Just like water causes erosion of rocks or beaches or whatever it is that it repetitively rubs against.

I need to focus on trusting God, and preserving me, just as He made me … not allowing myself to be worn down and broken by the worries of this world.

That’s what I’ll think about today!

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