It will rule your life, if you let it

Psalm 119: 133

Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.  NIV

Worry is an addiction.

I didn’t know that or see it until earlier this year.  I figured it out through a powerful Bible Study, Breaking Free by Beth Moore.

I had done a Beth Moore study in the past, and had really benefitted from it.  So, when this one was announced, I signed up.  I knew that the study was focused on breaking free from the strongholds that rule your life, but, I honestly thought to myself, “I don’t have anything to break free from, but, I love all of the women who have signed up to do this and I really enjoy Beth Moore, so, I will sign up too.”

Three weeks in, I was both devastated and overjoyed to learn that worry was ruling my life.  Devastated because I gained a whole new perspective on what I was allowing worry to do to me, and overjoyed because now that I could see it, I felt that, with God, I could conquer it.

It was in the midst of that study that I began this project.

Now, 139 verses later, this verse is precious to me.

This is my prayer today.

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