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Don’t worry — hope!

Psalm 119: 147

I rise before dawn and cry for help;  I have put my hope in your word. NIV

I’m still in Psalm 119.  A friend told me that there is one section here for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

As a result, it is very, very long, but full of wisdom, and also of reminders not to worry.

This verse again says, “hope in your word.”  This is a theme that I’m seeing repetitively, so, I went to Bible Gateway.com and plugged in that phrase.

Six times.  That’s how many times the author of Psalm 119 says it: “my hope is in your word.”

My hope is also in the Word of God, Jesus Christ.  With my hope and my future firmly planted on that rock, there are no worries.

That’s what I’ll think about that today.

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