One day, everyone will know

Matthew 10:26

“So do not be afraid of them.  There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” NIV

As I read through the tenth chapter of Matthew to gain a feel for the context in which this reminder is given, I found several more reminders not to worry.  My NIV Bible titles this chapter, “Jesus sends out the the twelve,” and it is clear that Christ is telling them many things that they will need to know to effectively carry the gospel forward.

Jesus is preparing them for the persecution they will surely face.  The Message translates this verse, “Don’t be intimidated.  Eventually everything is going to be out in the open, and everyone will know how things really are.” MSG

As I think more about this verse, I realize that its concepts are quite deep.  Christ’s coming was foretold for centuries, yet, when he arrived, many did not recognize Him, and still today there are those who deny that He was the Messiah.

My sense is that the majority of the world is not anxiously anticipating His second coming.  Instead, people are going about their daily lives, with their own worries and their own frustrations.

I know from experience that sometimes you have to live through something, even if it is something that you have been anxiously anticipating, to really understand it.

I remember being in first grade.  That entire year, I couldn’t help watching the second graders.  They seemed so grown up, they had it all figured out … and I wanted to be one of them.

On the first morning of second grade, I was beyond excited.  I couldn’t wait to get to school, because now I was going to be a SECOND GRADER.

When I entered Mrs. T’s room, I was shocked.  There in the little desks were many of the kids that I had known the year before … FIRST GRADERS here in the second-grade classroom.  And then, I got it.

I remember being both devastated and embarrassed at the same time … how could I have been so stupid not to understand that everyone would move up and that the elusive second graders, would now be in third grade?

Such a simple concept, and yet, I didn’t get it until I personally experienced it.

It’s the same with Christ.  It’s a simple concept really.  We are all sinners and separated from the glory of God.  A sacrifice is required for our redemption.  God sent His son as that perfect sacrifice.  If we recognize that we are sinners and that we deserve to die for our sins, and if we confess our sins and accept the gift of His death in our place, we will receive eternal life and we will live with Him for all eternity.

This morning, a little boy who is dear to me will be baptized as a public symbol that he has come to this recognition and has accepted Christ as his savior.

I am so thankful that he has had this realization … he knows how things really are.  One day, everyone will know.

That’s what I’ll think about today.

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