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Choose wisely

Luke 1: 37

“For nothing is impossible with God.” NIV

These are the last words that the angel, Gabriel, spoke to Mary before leaving her, after telling her that she would be the mother of Christ.

Nothing is impossible.

That’s a real reminder not to worry.

God can accomplish absolutely anything He wants.  He conceived it all, He designed it all, He built it all, and He has ultimate dominion over it … all of it.

As a human being, I have the choice to either acknowledge that, or not.

I can give my whole heart to Him and work to serve Him and others to the best of my ability, or, I can go about my appointed days here gaining things for myself and experiencing things selfishly.

But, why would I or anyone choose to live a life apart from God?

With Him, all things are possible … nothing is impossible with God.  Presumably, the opposite is also true.

I choose Him.

That’s what I’ll think about today.

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