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My hope is in You

Psalm 27:14

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. NIV

This is the 275th reminder not to worry that I’ve found in about that many days of looking.

Today, I’m back in Psalm 27, this time through a word search of the word, “wait.”  This is the fourth reminder in this Psalm.

My concordance says that the word, “wait” in this verse means “to hope in.”

Hoping is a much more pleasant activity than waiting.  As someone without a lot of patience, waiting is very difficult.

There’s something here that I’ve been circling around for the last several days.

God is love.  We are called to live a life of love.

Love is many things.  First, love is patient.

Waiting is hard for me.  Throughout my life, if I’ve been caused to wait, I have always expected the worst.  Again and again, I’ve taken matters into my own hands and impatiently pushed forward … not waiting for God’s wisdom.

But, if I can be patient, if I can be filled with love and all that comes with that, if I can spend the time that I am waiting engaged in hoping, (instead of expecting the worst) I won’t worry.

My hope is in You … that’s part of the chorus of one of my favorite praise songs.

That’s what I’ll think about today.

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