Wait … and trust. Don’t worry!

Isaiah 8: 17

I will wait for the LORD, who is hiding his face from the house of Jacob.  I will put my trust in him.  NIV

God’s presence isn’t always felt.

Henry Blackabee talks about the silences of God.  Beth Moore speaks about this, too.

In thoughtfully considering their perspectives, and also in looking at the multiple recorded instances of this in the Bible, it seems to me that while God is always at work, He may not always be at work on me, or on my particular situation.

During the times that His presence is less felt, it is important that I don’t wane in my faith or in my commitment.  It’s important that I don’t worry.  I mustn’t follow the example of the Israelites, who carved out a graven image to comfort themselves while God was on the mountain speaking earnestly, and doing important work, with Moses.

Instead, “I will wait for the LORD … I will put my trust in him.”

That’s what I’ll think about today.

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