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My only hope is in Him

Jeremiah 5:17b

With the sword they will destroy the fortified cities in which you trust. NIV

God is very clear on this trust issue.

All trust belongs to Him as our one true God, our Savior, our Rock, our Deliverer.

Anything else we might trust will be turned to rubble, and revealed as false in the long run.

I hated September 11 … it was one of the absolute worst days of my life.  On that day, things that I had always trusted, without even realizing that I trusted them, were obliterated.  I remember when I heard that the towers had fallen.  I hadn’t watched a moment of the television coverage.  I was working frantically, counting noses to ensure that all of the people for whom I was responsible were accounted for when my boss called.  He said, “They’re gone.”

I didn’t understand … I asked him who was gone.

He said, “The towers, they’re gone.”

I was dumbfounded.  I protested that they couldn’t be gone … perhaps there was too much smoke, perhaps his view of them had been obscured.

No, he was certain.  “They fell down,” he said.

I couldn’t assimilate it.  They were huge.  They dominated the skyline of Manhattan.  How could something so big, so powerful, fall down?

Something that I had considered permanent, immovable, had been shattered, and thousands of people had lost their lives.  Really, there are no words to describe the horror of that day.

This morning, when I read this verse, it was a painful reminder.  But, also, a vivid lesson.

God is the only permanence.  He is trustworthy.  My perspective is incomplete.  Things that I see as permanent, are merely temporal.  Obstacles that I see as insurmountable are mere pebbles in His path.  My little worries, really don’t matter at all in the big scheme of things.

I’m the blind termite, working my way through the piece of wood that is in front of me at the moment.  God is the master builder, and He has all the plans.

My only hope is in Him.

That’s what I’ll think about today.



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