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Isaiah 43:18-21

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. NIV

Dwell is a new word that I will begin searching for in my concordance. When I am worried, I certainly dwell on things, and, about half the time, they are things that happened in the past, which, of course, I cannot change. The remainder of the time, they are things that might happen in the future, over which, of course, I have no control.

This verse is so straightforward. “Do not dwell on the past.”

I love the next part of this passage. Verses 19-21 say, “Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? There it is! I’m making a road through the desert, rivers in the badlands. Wild animals will say “thank you!” — the coyotes and the buzzards –because I provided water in the desert, rivers through the sun-baked earth, drinking water for the people I chose, the people I made especially for myself, a people custom-made to praise me.” The Message

On this Easter Sunday, as we celebrate the resurrection of the Risen Lord, I will ponder these things and wait with anticipation for the new thing He is doing.

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