Follow the rules

Genesis 3:10

He said, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked.  And I hid.” NIV

A friend sent me this verse several days ago with this question … is it significant that fear was first introduced as a result of man’s sin?

I think that the answer is “yes.”

Prior to the fall, there was nothing to worry about … Adam’s and Eve’s basic needs were met, one could argue that all of their needs were met … they were in communion with God.

It was after they disobeyed that they became worried and fearful about facing God.

After they disobeyed …

This got me thinking more about reminders not to worry that God has left for us.  I am wondering if each of the ten commandments might be a reminder, as well as the golden rule … if we kept them, all of them, how much less worried would we be?

That’s something I will think about today.

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