Psalm 32:7

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. NIV

I am pretty certain that this was the verse that Corrie ten Boom claimed when she was imprisoned in a concentration camp during WWII.  I seem to remember reading a book about her that was called something like “The Hiding Place.”  While I can’t remember its exact title, and did not spend the time to look that up this morning, I do remember that her story had an incredible impact on me as a child.

Corrie ten Boom trusted God.  Compared to her, I really don’t have any problems.  And yet, the same promise is made to both of us … God will be our hiding place, he will protect us from trouble and surround us with songs of deliverance.  If I will surrender all of my problems to Him and stand firm on the rock of Jesus Christ with my faith and my trust aligned, all will be right with my world … regardless of my daily circumstances.

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  1. Linda

    I think this one is a really tough. I know for sure that if I place my trust in God and make sure I am aligned with His will, He always answers and calms my mind. But since Eve gave Adam that apple and made some bad choices, sin is also rampant here on Earth. Corrie ten Boom had the peace of God that is hardly comprehendible to me because of the way she suffered and what she went through. There are some humans that inflict trouble and impose their wickedness on others and because of free will, God allows the troubles to go on. We may never see the end of our troubles until we meet Him face to face. At that point, I have a feeling that we will be so humbled and awed that we won’t ask “why God?”.

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